Key dates

1946: Dr. Hotz creates miraculous beauty formulas and actually enjoys a privileged clientele in his Paris institute du Faubourg St Honoré.
1966: Mr Mas bought the Sothys Institute and gives new impetus to the company.
1971: Sothys products are made Meyssac Corrèze.
1974: Sothys launches moisturizing formula with Collagen! This revolutionary formula attracted many clients and beauticians.
1981: Creation of a subsidiary in the United States.
1985: Sothys Paris Institute moved from 163 to 128 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
1986: Creation of a subsidiary in Singapore.
1989: Creation of the new centre and Sothys Search Development.
2001: Sothys launches its prestige range: Secret de Sothys®. Excellence Program sensory body anti-aging face ...
2005: Les Jardins Sothys open their doors.
2008: Frederick and Christian Mas, son of Bernard Mas, take over the destiny of Sothys.
2016: Sothys Paris celebrates 70 years of beauty!


20 . NOVEMBER . 2015

An abundance of gifts, a baroque style, enjoy the celebration atmosphere of Christmas with many Sothys gift ideas.

Discover how Sothys face and body offers* can be a real Christmas cracker:
1 Face discovery cracker offered for the purchase of an Energizing treatment with Siberian ginseng or a Hydrating treatment Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic Acid ™.
Your body set, Hanakasumi ™ or Inspiration art et beauté, for a Christmas price.
Your body set + your favourite body treatment, Hanakasumi ™ or Inspiration art et beauté, for a cracking price.
Until December 24, Sothys wish you a warmest season’s greetings!

*See conditions with your beautician. Products available for purchase separately while stock last.
** This cracker contains: Morning cleanser 15 ml – Hydrating cream Hydra3Ha Hyaluronic acid ™ 15ml - Noctuelle™ 15 ml.

16 . NOVEMBER . 2015

Some secrets need to be kept... and some others need to be shared. For the celebrations, Sothys has decided to deliver its finest "Secrets of Christmas".

A brilliant offer Sothys reveals today. In the Secrets de Sothys ® line, for the purchase of a Global anti-age de-stressing care, Sothys offers you the Global anti-age de-stressing serum and the Intense lip care.

Take a rendezvous as soon as possible in your Sothys Institute; such a beautiful “Secrets of Christmas” exists only in limited edition.

*Offer valid while stocks last for the purchase of a Secrets de Sothys ® global anti-age de-stressing care (50ml jar), receive the Secrets de Sothys ® global anti-age de-stressing serum (30ml tube) and Secrets de Sothys ® intense lip care (5ml tube) free. Products available for sale separately at your Sothys institute.

09 . DECEMBER . 2013

The privileged partner of beauty salons and spas for 70 years.
Sothys, a world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality,
a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige
in beauty salons and spas all over the world.