Key dates

1946: Dr. Hotz creates miraculous beauty formulas and actually enjoys a privileged clientele in his Paris institute du Faubourg St Honoré.
1966: Mr Mas bought the Sothys Institute and gives new impetus to the company.
1971: Sothys products are made Meyssac Corrèze.
1974: Sothys launches moisturizing formula with Collagen! This revolutionary formula attracted many clients and beauticians.
1981: Creation of a subsidiary in the United States.
1985: Sothys Paris Institute moved from 163 to 128 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris.
1986: Creation of a subsidiary in Singapore.
1989: Creation of the new centre and Sothys Search Development.
2001: Sothys launches its prestige range: Secret de Sothys®. Excellence Program sensory body anti-aging face ...
2005: Les Jardins Sothys open their doors.
2008: Frederick and Christian Mas, son of Bernard Mas, take over the destiny of Sothys.
2016: Sothys Paris celebrates 70 years of beauty!


25 . NOVEMBER . 2018

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01 . NOVEMBER . 2018

Sothys Advanced Research has drawn on the latest scientific findings regarding the influence of stress on skin ageing to provide a cutting-edge cosmetic response that combines an exclusive formulation with an immediate action on the surface with latest-generation active ingredients for a complete resolution that protects and visibly reveals the skin’s youthfulness through 2 exceptional treatments:

This exceptional youth-promoting skincare reveals some of its secrets as soon as it is applied: its wonderful active texture forms a biomimetic satin film with a lifting effect on the skin’s surface and its delicate fragrance is an invitation to a feeling of well-being. Day after day, this universal cream treats the skin to a complete pro-youth action to combat the visible signs of ageing.

after application, 80% of users notice an immediate smoothing effect on wrinkles*


Smoothing: +37% (experimental scoring **)
Improved firmness: +30% (clinical measurements using a cutometer**)

This balm with a melting texture creates a smoothing film on the skin’s surface, bringing about an immediate ‘lift and fill’ effect around the eye and lip contour. Day after day, this 2-in-1 formula targets the specific problems of these two areas on the face which are extremely sensitive to ageing.

80% of users noticed the immediate smoothing effect of this unique texture. ***


Number of wrinkles: -30% after 15 days and -38% after 30 days ****
Dark circles: -25% after 30 days *****
Puffiness: -17% after 30 days *****

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Self-evaluation performed on a panel of 20 consumers after using the product twice daily.
** On 20 people after 30 days of twice daily application3 Results of clinical measurements using cutometre on 20 people after 30 days of twice daily use.
*** Self-assessment performed on 21 people after 15 days of twice-daily use.
**** Instrumental measurements. Average results on the eye contour from 21 people after twice-daily use.
***** Expert scoring. Average results on the eye contour from 21 people after twice-daily use.

31 . OCTOBER . 2018

The purity of lines is magnified by Secrets de Sothys® emblem, iconic range of our brand, gives to these products a refined setting containing the most precious secret, to visibly reveal your skin’s youth… an immediate and long term action.
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