Key dates

1946: Sothys founded by Dr Hotz.
1947 : Production of the first biological serum ampoule.
1950 : Launch of Desquaderm, the future Desquacrem.
1966 : Sothys acquired by the Mas family.
1968 : First Sothys lifting facial, the first Institute treatment (IT).
1971 : Launch of the first make-up range « Modern make up ».
1974 : Opening of export markets (Europe, USA then Asia).
1978 : Foundation of the Sothys training school.
1985 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys at 128, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris.
2001 : Premium Secrets de SOTHYS® skincare range.
2004 : Sothys becomes the partner of the Thermes de Spa.
2005 : Opening of L’Institut Sothys in New York.
2006 : Opening of Les Jardins Sothys® in Auriac in Corrèze.
2009 : Anti-aging Intensive treatmentwith patented Flax complex.
2015 : Intensive hydrating treatment with the patented 1055 boletus extract.
2016 : Creation of La Crème 128 in a Bernardaud porcelain jar.
2018 : Creation of the Sothys Athletics™ line.
2019 : Depolluting energizing Détox Energie™ Intensive treatment.
2020 : New ancestral Indonesia signature treatment™ & the launch of the PRESCRIPTION JEUNESSE eye contour line™.


04 . APRIL . 2022

Discover two specialist serums to visibly fight against the signs of skin ageing.

At the heart of the concept

High definition serum : eyes and lips
The lips are not only exposed to external stress factors every day but also to mechanical stress. Along with the eye contour, they are the most fragile part of the face. These vulnerable areas are the first to show signs of skin ageing.

To address this issue, Sothys develop two specialist serums inspired by dermo-aesthetic techniques to visibly fight against the signs of skin ageing.

Lip plumping serum

For naturally plumper and fuller lips.
With its hyaluronic injection-like complex, the serum plumps the lips intensely for a 3D effect while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines around the contour. Day after day, the lips recover the plumpness of youth, the area around them is redefined, and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away.

+146% Volumizing action on the lips from the front
+204% Volumizing action on the lips from the side*
*Clinical evaluation by a dermatologist on 19 people after 60 days of at least twice-daily use.

Eyelid lifting serum

For firmer eyelids
This serum inspired by dermo-aesthetic techniques smooths the lids leaving them defined and radiant with youth. Its synergy of high definition active ingredients visibly lifts the eyelids. Day after day, the eyes become wider, the eyelids firmer and less droopy for a visibly younger overall appearance.

90%* tightening effect
81%* firmer upper eyelid and less drooping
*Self-assessment by 21 people after 30 days. Twice-daily use.

28 . MARCH . 2022

Looking for an effective slimming solution?
Sothys unveils its new slimming programm that combines efficiency and pleasure!
Check out our new product and our 2 new professional treatment protocols.

At the heart of the concept

New body line !
To help enhance women’s well-being, Sothys has drawn on the most sophisticated scientific advances to offer a new, innovative and efficient slimming solution that combines scientific rigour with inspiration from nature.
The body is left visibly more beautiful and seemingly sculpted.

Discover our new slimming body serum, your new essential slimming ally and our two new silhouette treatments in cabin with edifying results.

Slimming body serum.

Your essential slimming ally.
Sothys presents its new cutting-edge serum, which attacks the 3 types of cellulite and provides a comprehensive slimming action. The result: an immediate smoothing effect, localised imperfections visibly fade, and the skin’s appearance is significantly improved

-86% The appearance of orange-peel skin is reduced
*Self-assessment by 21 people who applied the serum to their leg twice daily for 15 days.
-86% Immediate smoothing effect
*Self-assessment by 21 people who applied the serum to their leg twice daily for 15 days.

Silhouette signature body treatment

A slimming treatment to target all types of cellulite.
This slimming ritual adapted to each client combines technical prowess, efficiency and relaxation.
An invigorating and delicious scrub followed by a massage on targeted areas using the Sothys exclusive massage silhouette accessory made from Limoges porcelain.
For a more toned body that appears redefined after this highly original slimming massage.

Massage silhouette

For a smooth skin and a orange-peel appearance reduced.
A must-try massage featuring the original Limoges porcelain massage accessory. All areas of the body will be treated, including the back, for a unique relaxing effect in a slimming treatment.

+62% Smoother skin*
*Investigator’s scoring of 20 people after a series of 6 massage silhouettes with 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks.

-37% Depth of cellulite*
*Investigator’s scoring of 20 people after a series of 6 massage silhouettes with 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks.

23 . MARCH . 2022

Through its nude and light tones, this new collection highlights the natural beauty for a fresh and glowy spirit.
Discover all the steps for a luminous make-up!


Teint unifiant
Apply Teint unifiant with the Powder brush to warm up and even out the complexion, then use the Blusher brush to add structure to the contours of the face, focusing in particular on the hollow of the cheekbone.


Teint unifiant – 30 bronzer


Illuminating stick
The Illuminating stick is a handy multi-purpose product that you can take anywhere!
- To use as a blush & highlighter : Apply the product to the upper cheekbones, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow to add radiance and illuminate the complexion. Blend the product with your fingertip.
- To use as an eyeshadow : dab on above the eyelid crease and on the brow bone to illuminate the eyes.

Illuminating stick - 10 marron glacé


Eyeshadow pencil
Apply the Eyeshadow pencil all over the entire mobile eyelid thanks to its rounded precise tip, and blend with the Eyebrush.

Sothys’tips : Prepare the upper eyelid by applying the Dark circle eraser.

Eyeshadow pencil - 40 nude cuivré


Intense look eye pencil
The beige eye pencil is an essential make-up product for enhanced eyes! It can be used to easily create the most simple and sophisticated make-up.

Sothys tips : Use as a kohl, applying on the upper and lower waterline to open and enlarge the eyes for a refreshing effect. Apply on the inner corner of the eye to illuminate and revive the eyes.

Intense look eye pencil - 60 beige éclat


Rouge intense Sothys
Its creamy texture is in perfect fusion with lips, enveloping them with a moisturizing and nourishing film! Apply directly with lipstick bullet or with brush.

Rouge intense Sothys - 246 rouge Dauphine


lluminating lip gloss
A delicate and non-sticky texture that keeps lips looking beautiful and envelops them in a soft and shimmery film. Illuminating lip gloss can be worn alone for a natural plump-lip effect.

The + product: Its foam applicator perfectly follows the shape of the lips and allows for precise application with no smudging

Sothys’Tips : Apply Illuminating lip gloss after Rouge intense on the Cupid’s bow and in the middle of the lips to add light.

lluminating lip gloss - 10 nude essentiel


Vernis Sothys
To add the final touch to your look, a new chic and shimmery shade of Vernis Sothys with an intense and luminous colour. A formula to care the nails and deliver a great plumping effect.

The + product: Easy application and optimal wear

Vernis Sothys - 317 Rouge vibrant