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 Since 1946, Sothys has represented French excellence in professional treatments for beauty institutes and spas.

The art of professional treatments.

A plural care experience...

At Sothys, we promote a strong “Institute and spa culture”, being the exclusive place for treatment rituals. The unique rituals combine sensory indulgence, efficiency and a personalized approach to treatment, in order to make every appointment a haven of well-being that nurtures the body and mind... An art that sets Sothys apart.

The efficiency of Sothys treatments is based on the combination of highly sophisticated treatments provided at a skin care institute together with products used regularly at home to prolong the effects, following an accurate skin diagnosis for a customized beauty prescription.


After inventing the first Lifting Treatment in 1968, Sothys has always prided itself on regularly changing its professional protocols in order to offer innovative active ingredients and techniques and to provide specific solutions to each client’s needs with its gold-standard Intensive facial treatments, Cosmeceutical formulations and its Signature treatments.


The Intensive treatments.

Unique sensorial experience and targeted efficiency: the excellence of professional facial treatments.

3 high-efficiency facial


Depolluting energizing intensive treatmentDetox Energie ™

With organic elderberry extract patent FR 18 53898

100% satisfaction after one treatment*: the skin is recharged with energy.

The complexion is bright and appears depolluted.

*% of satisfaction after one Detox Energie™ Intensive treatment and one week using the Energizing serum in the morning and evening or after a series of three Detox Energie™ Intensive treatments and three weeks using the Energizing serum in the morning and evening. Test performed on 28 people (21 women + 7 men).

Hydrating intensive treatment

Hydrating intensive treatment HYDRA3HA. Hyaluronic acid 4.

This ultra high performance treatment combines 4 sources of hyaluronic acid with 2 Sothys patented active ingredients from Sothys Advanced Research: 1055 Boletus extract (patent N°1055097) and Organic rowan berry peptides (patent N°2106025).

+53% hydratation**
**investigator evalution on 20 people after a programme of 3 treatments.

Our 3 signature body treatments.

Choosing a signature treatment includes:

  • Going on an initiation journey

  • Exceptional protocols inspired by a

       strong culture

  • A specific massage technique for each


  • Sothys exclusive sound design

Discover a country’s culture throught a specificmassage.

Youth intensive treatment.

Youth intensive treatment


50% more firmness after 3 treatments! ***

*** Rating of the improvement in the firmness of their skin, assessed by the people who received the treatment course. Average calculated from the score assigned before the treatment and after 3 treatments.

A journey to Japan: Hanakasumi ™ signature

A unique protocol of Japanese inspiration : peeling with exfoliating gloves, relaxing massage of the entire body and specific massage of the feet in this nourishing, delicately perfumed ritual.

A journey to Asia: Indonésie ancestrale ™
signature treatment.

An original treatment protocol inspired by ancestral Indonesian beauty rituals to bring about powerful well-being for the body and mind by rebalancing their energies.

An exotic treatment combining global body massage and breathing ritual for both the client and the beauty therapist.

A journey to the Orient: Sensations orientales signature treatment.

An exceptional treatment protocol taken from ancestral Oriental rituals with aromatic notes of myrrh and amber : an ointment to prepare the body for the scrub, then modelling complemented by an exclusive Sothys technique using an Exfoliating clay inspired by traditional Oriental methods, given to the client at the end of the treatment.

Our star products.
Cosmeceutics: two ranges of products.

Tested under dermatological control. The

products of the Sothys cosmeceutical range

are cosmetics. They can be applied or

recommended following a dermo-aesthetic

intervention (act of medicine or cosmetic

surgery), if the skin is healthy and not

injured and after medical advice.


alternation with dermo-aesthetic

techniques and machines/As an alternative.

Following aesthetic machine interventions

(ex:microdermabrasion), dermo-aesthetic

interventions (ex: laser), cosmetic surgery.

The iconic product !

| Desquacrem forte microderm |

Reinforced action!
The deep cleanser that is emblematic of our

brand is boosted by salicylic acid and micro-

grains of rice to combine deep cleansing of

the skin pores and exfoliation.

reformulated several times since 1950, for

even more efficiency, allows a deep

cleansing to rid of the most stubborn


The iconic product !

La Crème 128.

Sothys and Bernardaud combine their

expertise and shared passion for excellence

to give rise to the most exquisite

presentation ever bestowed upon beauty.

For the first time in cosmetics, a porcelain

jar from the Bernardaud factory contains

the secrets of a unique cream with outstanding properties.

The most sublime cream for the most precious secret.

The Sothys Rose, specially created in honour

of its founder, Mr Bernard Mas, became the

unparalleled source of inspiration for a

unique cream: La Crème 128.

6 serums high-efficiency.

Youth serums.

Boost your hydration!

Hydrating youth creams.

4 Elixirs that invite to travel.

Nourishing body elixirs.

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